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April 06, 2010


Joe Lamy

Thank you God, for this treasure of a life.


That is just awesome. So awesome. So cool that you can notice all the little things. I hope you print these and save them for her to read. She has a wonderful mom.


Wow Jenny! What an amazing story you told through such a simplified layout. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about our sweet Parker!!!
Sheralyn, Hunter, and Graham

Grammy MM

Oh gosh - what a gift for distant grandparents. Now I'm all full of happy tears!
Grammy MM


Jenny, I love reading your post brings tears of happiness!! XXXOO Crista

Angela and Hannah

Besides being such a beautiful writing..you picked a perfect picture to go with it:)

Lynne Lamy

Now I wish I could be with her even more....but I am glad Pop-pop had such a (his word!) "glorious" day with her on Sunday. Love and hugs, MIMI

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